Review on Peter Lehmann Publishing's e-books:

"These mobi files work on the various Kindle apps that I have on my Mac, iPad and iPhone. And since a mobi file, of course, also functions on the Kindle e-book reader, the books can be read there too! The e-books are beautifully digitalized, absolutely perfect! Hats off!

For example, there are links from the table of contents to the appropriate chapters. Much too often, e-books don't have such links, even books from so-called mainstream publishers.

It's a joy going through these books, all so much easier than the printed page. And one can highlight text, make notes, share excerpts, translate and so on, it's a wonder!"

Karl KoehlerKarl Koehler

Author of Psychiatrists Unhinged, born 1935 in the USA.

January 11, 2014